Saturday, May 1, 2010


EC Top Droppers
April 2010

First and foremost... A huge thank you to my 10 top droppers and all those that take the time to come by whether you just sneak a peek or take the time to enjoy and comment..

Mommy's Little Corner : Just another blog about mothers. Life's sweets and spices : ...making things a lot better The Modern Mom : for housekeeping savvies like me... moms..... check nyo : Just another blog about mothers. A Simple Life : Sugar n' Spice and everything nice. Take a coffee break... : sip slowly, enjoy the wonderful aroma and blog about it. AsTheCrackerheadCrumbles : Yummy-as-can-be : sharing simply delicious recipes The Sewing Mom : Life's Tricky Situations : just talking about life in general

As promised, for 2010 I will be featuring the top 10 on my site for the entire month. If you're looking for blogs with a little substance and loyal droppers, take the time to visit them... You won't be disappointed... (I haven't been)

And IF you wanna brag???? Grab the Tag...

I know I'm always proud when I hit the top 10..


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  1. Lisa,

    I am putting your button on my blog. Which one would you like me to post. The one on the right or the one in this post?

    I am still a rookie at this. Thanks for telling me about the other bloggers. I will go and visit. Have a great day tomorrow.

  2. @ VKT ~ Whichever you Like... Thanks for coming by BTW.. (-

  3. hello...

    Im inviting you at my contest.. check it out if you are interested

  4. i was here for a visit, happy monday


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