Monday, April 12, 2010

Punked out!!!

Not sure how it happened.  I had made plans with my mom since last Friday, that today I was going to drop off the gremlins early this morning so that I can get some things done.  I have a HUGE list of things to do.  Also.... besides finding it hard to find the time to do it...

I'm THE queen procrastinator.. lol.. 

This morning, instead of dropping them off, I picked her up and went for a ride... In my defense, I did get a storage unit rented and that was scratched off my TO DO list.. /wink/
After their nap time, I caved a little, and dropped them off with the intention of letting them sleep over (since the NEW plan included dropping them off early tomorrow morning anyways.. I'd be saving gas right?? . hehe) ...

Came home and got busy... 

The BIG item right now is getting items ready to be sold at our local Mom's of Multiples Consignment sale.

I have almost 3 years of STUFF that the girls have either outgrown, or have never and will never use, and I'm ready to part with it.. /sigh/  To further assert the crown I so rightly wear ... the last day to get everything in the system is tomorrow, and I haven't even sorted 1/2 of it.  //no pressure//

My house is a war zone, with bouncy seat land mines, an obstacle course or boxes full of clothes, and let me not even begin to mention the toys... we must have 3 laundry baskets, 2 hampers, and several diaper boxes FULL of toys to be cleaned sorted and tagged... So, I thought I'd bite the bullet and go at it tonight till I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer...

Right around 1900, the itch started setting in.. That crazy little feeling like you forgot something.. That feeling you can't shake when something is missing, Kind of like when you think you've left the iron, or oven on.. RIGHT?? Do you know that feeling?  Well it REALLY sucks..
Then I realized.. I'm missing my little gremlins.. It was eating me up inside. I knew they were fine, But Mommy missed them..
So, call me a WUSS, but I broke down... I went and picked them up.. Now, I feel complete.. /wink/

Better now, and not at 0300 right?

BTW.. NO, I have not gotten back to the LARGE task at hand, and really don't feel like it either.. (sad, I know).... OH WELL!!!

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  1. "My house is a war zone, with bouncy seat land mines"

    Hehe, I like that! Sound like home. :)

  2. I am also the one who drops the kiddos off for the night and then changes my mind and goes to get them :) I miss them too much!! I miss them even after they have been in bed for a few hours. Crazy, I know!

  3. That looks like a JBF sale there. I'm doing the same thing. Ok, not really, I'm reading your blog instead!

    And even though I only have one pile of clothes left to sort through, I still have to clean and tag stuff I will be watching a bit of tv presently...

    Procrastinators Unite!

  4. Aaaawwww...I think it's sweet you missed your kids and went to get them.

    I'll be doing alot of sorting myself around the house soon in preparation for my move to Atlanta. Not looking forward to all that.


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