Thursday, April 29, 2010

Moving is for the BIRDS...

My life has been turned inside OUT with this move... Literally.. hahahaha  We've been getting stuff packed, or should I say Semi-packed up, since the movers will be doing the REAL deal later...  and you NEVER realize how much stuff you accumulate in life till you have to weed through it all.. MAN... and between doing this, looking for a NEW place to live, renting out OUR house, and showing it... I'm pooped... Not to mention, some wonderful Nigerian Missionary is also renting OUR house to unsuspected strangers, and all they have to do is wire him $500.00 NICE.... So, 1/2 the folks think WE'RE scammers and don't respond to our listing... /Sigh/

Wish us luck, and hopefully this will SOON be over...

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  2. Moving is stressful, especially when you have to show your house too. Hope you get settled soon.


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