Saturday, April 3, 2010

Heeeellllloooooo Spring

It looks like Spring finally decided to make it's presence know here in our speck of the planet... so, we decided to take advantage of it (and the free child labor)..

I'm NOT much of a Gardner, although I'd absolutely love to have at least 5% of my mother's gift, I have NO green thumb and in turn my mom is a genius.

I think she looks at a plant and it immediately blooms in gratification,

I look at a plant and it shudders at the thought that it will be in my care and decides it'd be easier to just die NOW and not drag it out into a long and painful death. /sigh/

So, we decided to primp up the back yard a little the other day, since we are still trying to rent out the house before our PCS move, and it doesn't hurt to have a pretty back yard..

And those DARN Pompano Grass bushes were bbbbaaaaackkkkk... My dear mother planted them there 3 years ago (despite my protest... don't like them much...) and we removed them 3-4 months later... Those suckers have come back EVERY year.... They are worse than family at Thanksgiving...

I honestly think she did a fantastic job considering the limited resources.. hahaha

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  1. It looks great! Have a happy Easter!

  2. My husband teases me all the time..he says I kill plants when I walk by them in the store and then acts like he's a plant and says, "boy..I sure am thirsty!!" Though I have had some success with a window herb garden- I think it has to do with my love of cooking...


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