Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

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Happy Earth day everyone...
I would like to invite everyone to make a pledge to do something for our mother Earth today... You don't have to start this instant, but pledge to at least start by May 1. 2010... no matter how simple or complicated, every bit helps.  I am not by any means the greenest person on this beautiful planet, and have definitely done my share to get it where it is.  To my defense, I was not fully aware of the damage I was causing, but now that I know... I can not consciously keep doing the things that I'm doing and not feel guilty..

This is now my Daughters' planet, for they will inherent all of our mistakes... lol..

So, we have started simple changes, slowly and steadily, I figure I can make a difference AND at the same time, TEACH my daughters to live a little greener.

Here are some great sites, worth taking a look at...

For petitions, pledges, information, campaigns and much more... Check out.. Earth Day 2010.
A great list of what NOT to recycle... Check Out ... Five things you can't recycle...
For an amazing wealth of recycling Information Check Out.. Earth 911...
  • They have 40 Tips for the 40 th Earth Day, that is AMAZING.. Here 
Looking for a way to minimize the use of those darned plastic bags? Check This out by TipNut .

Recycled Grocery Totes Tutorial By

This is also a great way to reuse the ones you've already collected.. Find the tutorial @ Made
Some great tips to reduce your carbon footprint can be found @ Wikiagreen
An easy way to do your part, reduce waste, and clutter is with Freecycle..
What better way to celebrate Earth Day, that with Freebies... Check out a list @ Mommy Goes Green

So, what do you pledge to do different?  What do you ALREADY do? 

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