Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Date Night

Last night Hubby and I got a chance to go out.. I am truly appreciative of my mom for taking care of the gremlins for us..  Nothing super spectacular, but any time with him is amazing.  We decided to catch the 1700 showing of Date Night.  I must admit, I'm not necessary a huge fan of comedy, especially at the prices movie theaters are asking, for 2 hours of entertainment.. And it's a gamble at best.. I know I have been to quite a few less than umm let's just say good movies..
This movie was hilarious, and in good taste..

It's rated PG-13, but honestly, I wouldn't take my 13 yr old, but I can see liberal parents taking theirs.. It wasn't THAT bad, not much more than you see in an episode of CSI, or Law and Order.. It about a couple from Jersey, that go to the city for dinner, and a case of mistaken identity takes a most unfortunate spin..  I think Steve Carrell and Tina Fey can do a Kotex comercial and I'd laugh my Butt OFF..
After the flick, it was reality time.. Grocery shopping, and then off to pick up the Gremlins.. Can't escape the real world for too long.. 

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  1. Following back from Friday Follow! Thanks for stopping by! Btw, the movie does look funny, but we'll wait till it comes out on DVD means I'm frugal and all:)

  2. good for youall...nothing like a datenight!

    visiting from multiples & More


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