Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I've got a brown package for YOU!

I was invited to do a review, and I was stoked. We patiently awaited for our little package to arrive. Last week, I had my three month follow up (from my surgery) and as expected we got up a little extra early, got ready, and headed out (yup with gremlins in tow). On my way to the Dr's Luna starts poking in her ear and saying ear, ear. OOOOH no. She DID seem to have very little to eat this morning, and is looking a little bit miserable. I called her Dr. and got an appointment for later in the morning. I hope that didn't sound too selfish, the fact that I STILL kept mine, but when you have to wait months to get an appointment, you have to think long and hard before canceling them. Well, it turns out Luna had BOTH ears infected.

I knew she was feeling like crap as soon as we got to MY appointment. My little Alpha twin, Ms. Independent, outgoing, friendly girl, was replaced overnight by this clingy, whiny, toddler that apparently can not walk and can only be carried.

When we got home from our Dr.'s , I notice a little brown and yellow note on our storm door... OOOOH I missed the delivery man? Oh well, we should be home ALL day tomorrow, since the gremlin is sick, I'll get my package then. So Excited. Then , as I read the note, I realize that the 2nd try box is checked? 2nd try? Did I miss something? (obviously the 1st try). I didn't give it too much thought, because we still had tomorrow. Right?

UPS Truck
Next day we spent the entire day home, and NO knock on the door. After supper, I decided to check and see if there was a note on there, NO note either. It was 1900, so I decided to call UPS. They advised me that, the 3rd attempt was indeed made (allegedly) at 1845 (now mind you, I was downstairs at that time, and NO knock) and the driver has sent the package BACK to the sender because they required a signature. A SIGNATURE really? OK, so I ask if I can pick it up the next day, and they say I can, and give me the address.

The following day, I reluctantly pack my beautiful under the weather babies in the van and head out to the middle of no-where to pick up this package. Once we get there, these cranky sick babies are not cooperating as we try to patiently wait in line to be assisted. Honestly I can not blame them, I would be cranky and fussy too, actually I WAS. Finally, it's my turn, the nice lady asks for my address, and I comply, she comes back after about 5-10 minutes and nicely advises me that my package has been shipped BACK to the sender.

(I will pause here, because honestly, it's making my blood boil just writing about it)

Call centre solutions for telephone systems
I politely explained my situation to her, and reiterated the conversation I had with the customer service representative the night before. She explained that this was their policy. I was REALLY trying hard not to start a commotion or make a scene (like the 2 crying 2 yr old girls wasn't stirring up enough stares), and left, very upset.

The kicker came, when the sender of my long awaited product tells me that they NEVER required a signature. Isn't communication GRAND?

So, needless to say, I have a brown package for
and it isn't the nice square kind Mr. Brown.

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  1. OMG I feel irritated FOR you!!! It is really sad to see how customer service has just flown out the window these days. Does ANYone believe in good customer service anymore?! It's ridiculous.

    I'm sorry that happened to you!!

    PS I lol'd at the "and it isn't the nice square kind..." Haha!!

  2. How awful! Last week I had a note on my door from UPS saying they needed a signature and they would come back Monday, so I stayed home and waited all day. I heard them pull up and ran to the door to wait for them to ring it. There was no knock so I went outside to start getting my packages and the UPS guy was in his truck and he called out to say that he didn't work Friday and had no idea why the person wanted a signature, but he knows I always get my packages so it wasn't necessary. Bizarre! UPS needs to rethink what they are doing!


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