Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Touch DOWN????

Every year millions gather in front of the tube, to consume massive amounts of liquor and snacks and watch two football teams hash it out while the rest of us stick around for the halftime comercials (an incredible 2.5-3 million dollar for 30 seconds of airtime).

But it seems like this year CBS has gotten itself in a pickle... By agreeing to show an “uplifting” antiabortion ad and rejecting a Super Bowl-style ad for a gay dating site called Mancrunch. The Pro-Life add features QB Tim Tebow and his mom, who apparently was advised by doctors to have an abortion, and decided NOT to... Resulting in the infamous Tim Tebow. I see absolutely nothing wrong with an pro-life add during ANYTIME, regardless of what anyone believes. I'm not a fan of Seafood, and you don't see me boycotting Red Lobster commercials... It's ridiculous..

But it seems that after CBS rejected the Gay dating site commercial, the criticism came fast and furious. The so-called “man-kiss ad” shows two football fans touching hands over a bowl of potato chips, which then leads, as the ad implies, to a make-out session.

I believe they have done an outstanding job of picking and choosing so far... LAY OFF ... and let them do what they do well.. Personally, a Gay dating site commercial, wouldn't offend, or affect me either, it's not like we don't ALL know or are related to someone who is homosexual these days... Don't get how someone would feel a Gay friendly ad would be offensive... I just wish everyone would kinda step back and realize how ridiculous some of these requests are, and it's kind of pissing me off how MUCH is being ruined because of the politically correctness of it all.. GROW UP FOLKS!!! We don;t all have to run to tattle at the slightest thing...

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  1. I posted the ManCrunch ad on my other blog, http://firecrotchrocket.blogspot.com. The ad isn't so much objectionable...it's just bad. As in badly written. One would think if you were spending $2.5 million for an ad you would make sure it was the best ad you could possibly produce.

  2. soooo true... I didn't find it offensive at all... and like you said it just sucked... maybe they would have been better off just saying that... look man, we'd love to take your money, hell we need it, but it just sucks... lol


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