Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday: Losing it

Been seeing this meme around for a minute, and thought I'd give in for a little more randomness, give the Unmom a look see..

I hate driving in this stinking state... Not only do you put your blinkers on when merging into another lane because it's the law, but out of courtesy.... I have ENOUGH space to get in there, but I'm letting you KNOW I'm coming... But HERE??? A blinking signal light means... Speed it up buddy, there's enough room for me to get in there... WTH... and you wonder why you get CUT OFF...

Is the middle finger considered international sign language???

Let's not even begin on days with any sign of precipitation.... HECK... we don't even have to have water (in ANY form) falling from the sky to freak these folks out... it could be CLOUDY and everyone automatically drives 10 miles BELOW the speed limit.

Can PMS start at 2 years of age? I swear sometimes these two have issues... and I have NOOOO Idea where they get it from.. Maybe it's just me... I have been a little moody after my surgery in November, But on a lighter note, have lost 65lbs...

I've lost some weight, 2 sizes, and those extra chins.... But I'm in NO hurry to find them either...

Happy Blogging folks, I've got 2 gremlins to attend to...

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  1. I'm a new follower from Friday Follow and would love to have you stop by Dimes2Vines.com

  2. Hey - Congrats on that weight loss!!

    ~ Jennifer


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