Thursday, February 4, 2010

Boogies, Flakes, and Cabin Fever

My gremlins have been sick since last Wednesday, and we have been stuck at home for 4 days now. I think we are seriously experiencing the beginnings of Cabin fever. I would have no aversion to taking them out today, except we were the proud recipients of a snow storm yesterday, and unfortunately this state is the WORST when it comes to preparing for a storm, and clearing the roads afterward, so you guessed it... My ENTIRE neighborhood is an ice skating rink... (NO I did NOT shovel... hehehe I will pay for that later, I know) Which brings me to the sad admission that my babies did not, can not and will not play in the snow.... I do however take solace in the knowledge that we are shipping out to New England, and come next year... They will be able to play in it, till they're sick of it.. It's just NOT worth taking the risk of them getting any sicker... ONE parent and TWO sick kids makes for a VERY uncomfortable situation... So, what DO we do between the sickie meltdowns? We play, we laugh, we sing, and we dance...

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