Saturday, February 6, 2010

13 days of Love: Day 6: I ♥ co-sleeping

We've come to Day 6, of Paxbaby's 13 day countdown to St. Valentines Day, were each day we post about something we love... Today???

I am a co-sleeping mama, and I love it. We have discussed moving the girls over to their own room, but... Who am I gonna cuddle while Daddy's off to war??? hehehehe..

2 Days old

4days Old
5 months old

And once they outgrew the Moses basket, it was time for the cribs, BUT a VERY tired mama, couldn't stand the idea of her babies sooooo far away (across the hall)....

Now, 2 yrs later, I wouldn't change these blanket grabbing, bed hogging, on mama drooling, snoring princess for anything in the world.... I LOVE co-sleeping...

Thanks Carrie @ Taking Care of Twins for the heads up... (You can head over to her blog to see what Carrie ♥s during the countdown..) If you want to participate??? you can just click on the Paxbaby link , and don't forget to leave a comment, so we can all share the love...

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  1. I agree with you! I've just got one daughter, but I loved co-sleeping as long as possible! She wanted her own space by the time she was 18 months or so, but I wouldn't trade those cozy nights for anything :)

  2. I love these pictures. SO cute!


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