Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Big girl?

The road here has definitely been an adventure, and although everyday presents a challenge with these two, some days I am reminded, just WHY I'm here. With Hubby gone off to Haiti to assist with the relief, we are doing it all ourselves, and yesterday was no different. As I am cleaning up as usual, Star informs me she needs to go potty, and we he have been working on getting them trained, so the gremlins were in undies, and no diapers. Being busy, I tell her to go ahead and go, honestly I wasn't thinking. Didn't take into account the message I was sending her, or the mess an accident was going to cause .... But, nonetheless... Well, after a few minutes, I finished picking up all the toys and was on my way downstairs, and realized it was very very quiet... HHHMMM that NEVER means anything good, so I started calling for them, and Luna comes up to me and tells me Star Potty, Star Potty (Yeah, whatever that means), and I ask her where her sister is.... As I walk past the bathroom.... SURE enough, there is Star sitting on the toilet, just about to finish up her business... I teared up.. Kind of sad the things that make us emotional once we procreate... and no it wasn't the fact that my girl is becoming a big girl, but the thought of saving over $100.00 a month on diapers... Hehehehe

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  1. Congrats. Successful potty training is a HUGE achievement as far as I'm concerned. Realizing that my daughter was already potty-trained was a big moment for me too. :)

  2. Cloth diapers, Lisa! One time investment. :-)

    Congratulations on the potty training. I hate potty training with a passion. And you have to do it times two!


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