Saturday, October 10, 2009

The flying toddlers

I always heard how trying it was to fly with a toddler, but having been in the travel business for soooo many years, I thought I had this covered. Are you laughing yet? Well, if you are, then you have done this, and are very aware of just how WRONG I was...

We flew out to visit family last weekend, and because there was a great deal for flights, we decided to give the flying a shot.. It would actually be less expensive to fly and rent a car than we would have spent on gasoline and tolls, not to mention 1 1/2 trip instead of 12+ hrs in a car.

I must say, it was magnificent as far as the girls are concerned. By the time we hit the tar mack, Star was KNOCKED out, and I'd say 1-2 minutes after heading up, Luna was out as well.. and when they did wake up, they did very very well, we even had to wake Star up on the flight home. I think scheduling these flights around their nap times helped tremendously.

So, why was I bitching you ask??? My problems weren't with my traveling companions, but with the stinking Airline. I guess you get what you pay for... Cheap Tickets = Misinformation, poor customer service, and rude Flight Attendants. And by my previous comments, I'm sure you know they weren't rude, or have their panties in a bunch because the twins were unruly... God only knows...

We're heading back up North for Christmas, and YES we will be driving...

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  1. I'm sorry you ended up with such poor customer service! But it sounds like it could have been worse, much worse!

  2. you won a award

  3. I haven't flown anywhere for quite a while for the reasons you mentioned: rude employees, tiny seats, poor scheduling, poor information, picky little fees for things that used to be free, and getting through security.

    We just put 3000 miles on the car and didn't have to put up with any of that.


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