Sunday, July 12, 2009


Ok, so I'm a reality TV junkie.. Without a computer for several months, I found myself channel surfing, and mesmerized by the unfortunate suffering and ignorance of my fellow man, woman, and fool. Don't get me wrong I don't watch them ALL, but I have a few that make me laugh..

Some, are just a little out of hand, and it seems that anyone can get a show these days too.. Just saw a new one coming called.. "House Husbands of Hollywood" Come on now... lol..

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  1. I end up watching a lot of it, but only because hubby is an addict.

    Intervention time?

  2. I'm already addicted to the new season of Big Brother. A lot shows I ignore (Bachelor/Bachelorette, etc) but there are a few that I MUST watch.

  3. 'bout time, I'm so sick of those housewives, show us the hottie men.


  4. Lol, you need to hook up with The Bee over at You both need a 12 step program!


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