Saturday, July 25, 2009

Finding Strength

I may complain and whine at times, but in all reality.... It's crap... I am truly blessed... so what if I'm tired.. only slept a few hours... @ least those few hours were in a bed, with A/C... Now that I think of those that sleep in sand ditches, cardboard boxes, or benches... May complain about my girls, then I think of those that have lost their children, had them taken away, or just can't have any and wake up to empty arms everyday, while I get hugs and kisses... or complain about missing my husband, and think of those who's husbands beat them, humiliate them, or those whose husbands don't make it back, and I have to be grateful, that this is ALL I have to complain about, and that soon he will be here next to me... That we HAVE a country for him to defend, and a purpose for his absence... and grateful that I have a GOD to thank regardless of the imperfections and unanswered questions, for with all this I find strength... and realized, Life is GOOD, and I need to stop wasting it worried about the negative and start appreciating the gifts, so that I may begin to start LIVING...

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What have moms come to...

Found this video n YouTube, from mom logic...

It is obviously a joke, a satire, but it has to make you think. It's a obvious exaggeration of what this world is coming to. We as a human beings are becoming more and more obsessed with our appearances and maintaining our youth.. Unfortunately we are passing this obsession on to the children... It is VERY obvious that things are dangerously progressing at an alarming rate these days where our youths are concerned... Sex, drugs, diseases, beauty, these were things that were NOT on the mind of a child in my youth... NOW? it's everywhere... My 10 year old niece knows about VD... WTH... at 10, I was making clothes for my barbies, NOT worried about VD....

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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Ok, so I'm a reality TV junkie.. Without a computer for several months, I found myself channel surfing, and mesmerized by the unfortunate suffering and ignorance of my fellow man, woman, and fool. Don't get me wrong I don't watch them ALL, but I have a few that make me laugh..

Some, are just a little out of hand, and it seems that anyone can get a show these days too.. Just saw a new one coming called.. "House Husbands of Hollywood" Come on now... lol..

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Friday, July 3, 2009



Nothing like hitting your Blogerversary and going offline.. But thank you all my wonderful followers that refused to give up on me and sent me all those sweet messages. We're all OK, and pushing forward.

It has been a long few weeks..

but to sum it up... My hubby came back from deployment, was home for 2 weeks and they deployed him again, he came home for 5 days and is now gone AGAIN... Did I mention it hasn't even been 5 months since he returned from an 8 month deployment???

The family is doing great... The girls are growing like weeds, and getting smarter and smarter everyday, though I must admit, sometime too smart for MY own good.

But the big news is..... I got a new laptop... yup.. our computer had a twin meltdown (my daughter learned how to open my hubby's water bottle and decided to dump it in the tower) .... but hubby surprised me with a new Mac right before he left..

soooooo strap yourselves in... I'm Back!!!

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