Monday, April 27, 2009

Rockin' Playdate

So, we finally went on our first play date this past week, and I am so excited, and ready for some more. I never had the courage to head out with both kiddos on my own like this. A store, supermarket, museum, etc. no problem (as you can see, these are all situations where my babes would or could remain strapped in), but the thought of keeping up with the both f them was too frightening. I am proud to say, we have concurred that fear, and they looked cute doing it.

I found these beauties (the t-shirts, not the girls..) @ Baby Rock Apparel. and if you think that rocks, also check out Trendy Remedy... MUY Caliente.. Love it....
I must warn you, the site is addictive. I wanted it all. These sites were very easy to navigate, and super user friendly.. Not to mention all the wonderfully cute stuff (OK I mentioned). They offer trendy, hip, original clothing, accessories, and even music for babies and toddlers. Don't even get me started on the music.. These are a very cool twist on your otherwise usual lullabies and baby sounds. These are great, I always thought Kidz Bop was innovative, turning hits into kids songs, but my girls are still years away from all that oooom bop... These seem just perfect. Actually next on my list of gotta haves..
I was also very satisfied with everything I received. The quality was great, the designs original, and super cute. I did notice though that the size of the t-shirts run a little small. I ordered a 2T for my now 17 month olds and they fit perfectly, just a note for those moms looking to stock up on a bigger size..

Baby Rock Apparel was founded in 2004, and was among the first baby clothes manufacturers to offer hip baby clothes with an edge for boys and girls. Baby Rock Apparel. also created the ingenious "Tinkle Tube" device, that makes taking little boys potty away from home a breeze. I have heard mention many times form moms of boys, both personal friends and bloggy friends, of how difficult it is to find cute, hip, happening items for boys.... Folks, Trendy Remedy is your answer. If you're like me... Boy or girl..Trendy Remedy rocks.. My husband hates when I find something in the boys department for the girls... What can I say, I'm a tomboy mama and some boy stuff is just too cute. Besides Trendy Remedy and Baby Rock Apparel and Twin Tested and Mommy Approved...

AS a HUGE Bonus The folks at Trendy Remedy and Baby Rock Apparel have been so kind as to offer you, my readers an opportunity to rock your babies out at a discounted rate... Yup, Cool stuff and a bargain.. Just use coupon code onthefly for both sites to receive 15% off of any order only until July 24th.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, so please once you've had a chance to check these sites out, please let me know what you think.


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  1. Glad you had a good time on the playdate! Your kids are adorable!!!!

  2. Hi Lisa! Thank you for visiting my site and commenting today. :)

    Your daughters are real cuties! Sounds like you had a fun day out.
    Happy Monday to you. :D

  3. Good for you for getting out in a "less contained" environment. The first few times can be a bit daunting.

  4. They are so dang cute. I know I couldn't handle twins. One of my new mommy friends has twins and I am always helping to keep track of them. She has it totally under control, I just feel the need to help or make sure they are okay.

  5. Grats on the play date! It is such a challenge to get out there with twins, and it seems like every time I go to one I have to give myself a little pep talk before I walk out the door... but I always come back feeling VERY accomplished and ready to give myself a big pat on the back! Plus the girls always have such a great time and take a big nap afterwords. lol

    So HERE's a virtual pat on the back to you!!! Because I KNOW how hard it is! :)


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