Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Field Trip

We ventured out to Jamestown VA this weekend, and had a blast. Our AC was broken and with the weather in the 90's I couldn't stay home..

It was a very informative trip. I really didn't get the chance to enjoy the full experience because the girls are still too small and restless when it comes to staying in one spot for a long time. I guess I would be too if it was 100 degrees and my butt was strapped to a stroller.

But the day was nice and we enjoyed the outdoors very much. My niece, who's 10, was the most impressed. OK I lied, Hubby got a real kick out of it too. I will definitely go back, but I'll wait till the girls are a little older...

But I'd recommend it, especially for school aged kids, it was very hands on, and the folk (all in time appropriate garb, really neat) were extremely friendly and informative. Did I mention, hands on... I think that was my niece's favorite part.. I only wish she was that enthusiastic about chores..

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  1. It has been hot...HOT....and what a great trip...love the girls outfits....super cute....and did they actually leave their shades on?....

  2. My kids had a blast at Jamestown. Loved the glassblowers. That's always a hit.

    If you can make it to Williamsburg, that's really great, too.

  3. Oh I'm dying to get down and see Jamestown! We made it down to Williamsburg this Feb. and it was so cool.. I would love to go back to both in nice weather.

    And I've got to ask.. how did you figure out how to put your logo across the photos you post?

  4. What pretty hair the babies have! It looks like a fabulous place to visit.


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