Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Daddy's Coming

My hubby got home last week, and I cannot express how excited I am... It has been wonderful having him back, but more impressive is watching him interact with the girls. The day could not have come quicker. He was scheduled to come in at 1800, and this was the longest day ever, it seemed... lol..
Well, we got ready, got our banner (Which reads "Welcome Home Daddy" "Love Star and Luna") and we headed out... I had done this wait many times before, but never with little ones. Gosh, I don;t remember it being this long, this windy, this cold... Funny how you tune into every detail when you have kids.. :) Daddy finally came strolling off by 2100. Luna went right to him, it's amazing how honed in their instincts are. Star on the other hand, didn't want me to let g of her for anything in the world.. And when I finally got to look into his eyes, it was like a 7,000lb weight was lifted. They were filled with tears, and he didn't have to say a word, they spoke for him and said it ALL.

I was asked if I cried, and as far as I can remember, I don;t think I did. Unfortunately, this homecoming wasn't all about me, and my mind wasn't really focused on it.. lol.. Don't get me wrong, I was very excited to have him come back, but instead of all those emotions running through me at the site of him, it was more about his reaction to the girls and theirs to him. My mind was more preoccupied with keeping track of two rambunctious one year olds, and not on my personal feelings.. Funny how priorities change...

It has been amazing watching him interact with them these past few days. He always wanted kids, and although we tried for 13 long hard years, I couldn't help but to wonder if it was a little more one sided.
When he left, the girls were barely sitting up on their own, and of course he didn't have a ton of interaction with them. They were still at the age, that mommy did almost everything.. But now they PLAY... and geez, can that man get more kisses and hugs?

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad he's home. That is a LONG time for him to be away from YOU ALL, and it's a long time for you all to be away from him.

  2. its my first time here and i'm kinda confuse. maybe i should spend more time here to know exactly what is going on.

    by reading this post, its like the kid's parent live separately. correct me if i'm wrong...

    she is adorable... honestly!

  3. wow, I bet it was really emotional for all of you (even if you didn't cry)

  4. oh ok. so i was wrong.

    i really want to see they grow :) a twin is absolutely cute!


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