Tuesday, March 3, 2009



Today has been one of those days.... Full of mixed emotions.

I guess I should explain. I received an e-mail this morning from hubby, I was super excited to hear from him. Although I'm always glad to get an e-mail, it had been several days since I heard from him. I'm usually pretty laid back and have learned after 13 years of marriage (and I was active duty too) not too stress TOO much. So, I wasn't freaked but getting a little concerned. Turns out they've hit a port, woo hoo, means I should be getting a phone call today or tomorrow...More good news right? Well, why am I feeling so icky?

Turns out he's pulled into a port we hit together 14 years ago... A very special port in terms of our relationship. This is where is ALL started. We had been acquaintances for a while (nice way of me saying I HATED him!!) and then friends for about a year. YUP! The bugger grew on me. In this port was were it kinda started 14 years ago...

First thing he mentioned in the e-mail, after reminding me I wrecked a naval vessel there, but that's another story.. hehehe.... So, It's just brought a sea of feelings, emotions, memories, etc.. And he's been gone so long, and I miss him so much...

Today has been hard.

Come home safe, Honey, AND SOON!!!!!

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