Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts 1


Been seeing this meme around for a minute, and thought I'd give it a solid try. Yes I am a follower... Cause If you let me lead, we may be headed for disaster... Just kidding...

If you are jonesing for a little more randomness, give the Unmom a look see..

Why is it, that my girls refuse to eat what I feed them, what's placed in front of them, and what's placed in their mouths most of the time but will run straight for it on the floor and BAM right for the mouth???????

Same stuff mind ya... I'm gonna just lay out a huge plastic table cloth and go Gallagher on everything and let them have at it!!!!
And I just may have to slip n some sleeping pills (Not Really, for those who take EVERYTHING literally) because this Daylight Savings crap has really thrown their schedule for a loop. I remember complaining when it went back an hour and they were getting up earlier... But honestly that was BETTER... This later crap, just cuts out a nap in the morning... I NEED that time...

I've also decided to legally change their names to counter and productive, because my life seems like the Paula Abdul Song, Opposites Attract (One step forward, and two steps back), I am officially declaring myself outnumbered, and pretty soon out smarted...

I can't wait for hubby to get home, 8 months is way too long. He left behind a happy momma and two infants that were barely learning to sit up, and will come home to a broken momma and two walking toddlers...

See, If they were napping I could ramble on a little more but NOOOOOOO!!! They're here getting into stuff..

Gotta Run..

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  1. What is it about food on a plate vs. food on the floor...or anywhere not on a plate? Daylight Savings Time really does suck...

    Great randomness! Happy Tuesday! :)

  2. I love our universal hate of daylight savings. I say we rally the Mommy Bloggers and go Motrin on it's ass.

  3. Oh my gosh. First of all, this is hilarious since I can relate to Daylight Savings Time hosing all of us with children, since said children do NOT get that they must eat, sleep and be happier one hour earlier.

    Second, my husband traveled 100% up until last Fall for work, and I only had ONE child to look after. I feel your .. everything. Blogging therapy helps a lot!!

  4. I used to love watching Gallagher smashing watermelons...thanks for reminding me about his act.

  5. Hi Lisa,

    You should be given an award and every mother out there. How do you do it?

  6. It's ok if they eat if off the floor - 5 second rule - right?

    I remember when my kids took naps - the good old days.

  7. I hope your girls can get their morning nap back. My son gave his morning nap up a couple of months ago. That was frustrating! It must be hard to take care of those girls all by yourself. I hope your husband comes home soon.

  8. I remember naps...sweet, glorious, naps....

  9. Welcome to Random Tuesdays - I love this game.

    My son does the same thing. He will eat anything off the floor - even stuff he would never touch on a plate. So confusing...

  10. Yep, X will ignore all the food in front of him and immediately upon getting set down, will turn around and eat what was under his butt in the high chair. Nice.

    Glad you could play! Happy Tuesday!

  11. LOL-love your randomness! Can I steal the nicknames, "Counter" and "Productive"? Because I'm totally pickin' up what you're layin' down, woman!

  12. Lately I've taken to chasing my two year old down with a spoon and bowl held aloft as I try to feed him. He never ever cooperates. I swear that kid is living off air and soy milk. Maybe I should try the floor strategy...


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