Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today I did a big, slap on the forehead DUH!!!!!..

I'll Share: Friday's I have a little fun with Aloha Fridays... I enjoy reading the responses to my question, reading other's questions and stories, and of course answering theirs.. It's a fun way to just get things stirred up. Last Friday I posed this question....

Today’s question is:
You're stranded on a deserted island and have been able to salvage 3 key items...

A. A companion (who is it?)
B. A Book (which do you choose?)
C. One of the Following:
  1. A tent
  2. Flint
  3. Razor
  4. Knife
  5. Flare



A. My Husband (Sorry girls, If I can't take you both, your dad will have to put up with me..)
B. Probably some sort of Outdoorsy Survival Guide.
C. Knife

Sounds good right? I took a little time to think this out.. I swear.. Well, last night I'm out with my sister and her kids, and I decide to have a little fun and pose the same question to my sister over dinner. She mulls it over for a little while and says something like, A. Hugh Jackman B. The Bible, and C. Flint...

My niece then says... TITA, wanna Know what I'd choose... I really didn't think she understood the FULL aspect of the question. The idea of solitude, the frustration of the possibility of not being rescued, etc... But I decided to indulge her, and said Sure..

She says:

A. Superman
B. My Diary
C. Ice Cream

I really didn't feel the need to tell her ice cream wasn't part of the choices, but felt like poking a little fun at her and bugging her... So I asked her... "Since you're deserted on the island, it means you're stuck there, are you sure you wouldn't rather have something else, instead of the ice cream? What happens once you're done with the Ice Cream?"

And she replies.... "Once I finish my Ice Cream, I'll Write about it in my journal, and Superman can fly us home..."

Well DUH!!

I wanna change MY answer.... lol

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  1. Just goes to show that sometimes we underestimate them...

  2. Sometimes kids just know the right answer...I would never have thought of bringing a flying person...

  3. Innocent minds seem to think clearer whithout if's and but's.

  4. I recently found your blog on entrecard and I think it is pretty cool. I really enjoyed reading this post!


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