Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Solution to some chaos

A nut in a Nutshell has the answer to my organizational chaos. OK, so it the answer to SOME of it... lol Between my husband and I, we are magazine junkies, and since getting pregnant, our list of subscriptions only grew. Not to mention the wealth of information, that I just couldn't part with. Especially parenting advise, since many of the info wasn't pertinent at their stage yet.. But, just like many others, WHERE did I see that? lol..
Well, A nut in a Nutshell has the answer to this.. They're offering an amazing giveaway. A lucky winner (hopefully me) will win a copy of Scanlog. What's that you ask? (It's OK, I did too) It's a spectacular program. Beware, once you click over there it may be hard to break away, just remember to do it long enough to visit A nut in a Nutshell for your chance to win.
(I'm trying to add subliminal messages .. **** AND THE WINNER WILL GRACIOUSLY DONATE THEIR COPY TO ME***) ...

hehehe just kidding, but this really is awesome, and couldn't resist sharing. besides, I think we're borderline hoarding... must be my OCD... :)

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  1. Awesome post; thanks so much and I've got you for the blog entry! Good luck!

  2. Sounds really neat. I'm on my way over right now. Thanks for the heads up.


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