Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mommy the traitor

Today, I had to take the girls to get vaccinated. I've ALWAYS hated it. The funny thing is, it's ALWAYS me, and just me. When they were younger, I'd get the look, ohhhh how I hated that look. I hold them nice and tight, and distract them, and POW... Like a deer in the head lights, and that stare for just a second that SCREAMS..... TRAITOR!!!!!! You KNEW they were going to hurt me, and you didn't warn me, you didn't help me, you didn't PROTECT me... and then? I get to do it all again, with one daughter still screaming from the pain, shock, etc... I have to swallow, suck it up, hold back the tears, and prepare to go through it all over again... AAAAAAAHHHHH

Now, @ 15 Months, I really wasn't sure WHAT to expect, I have noticed lately, as we walk into the doctor's office, Star is cool, but Luna, she KNOWS... I don't think she diggs all that poking and prodding, and I'm positive she doesn't remember the needles.. (Up until now that is,, hehehehe)

Today, we get there, I feel her tense up. When we get called, Star, is still chill, but I can see Luna start to worry. I do my best to comfort them of course. When we get in the room, all hell starts to break loose, as Luna takes a look at what's on the counter. Well, I decided to get her done first..

She KNEW as soon as I started to hold her down. There was no grace period of coddling, playing, smiling. There was no moment of tranquility, just frustration, disbelief, disappointed.. I was reminded of the scene in the Omen, when they first took Damien to church...

Horrible, horrible mommy...
and then?

I had to do it all again...

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  1. Ugh. It does get easier! The first time I had to do shots for the kids I was like UGH. Now Keeg takes his like a champ. But he yells at the nurse when she makes Loch cry.

  2. Yes, it does get easier. I hope that's some consolation. BTW, great blog!

  3. I get to do that in about two weeks. I have no clue how she'll be.

    I am so sorry you have to do it twice..in a row.

  4. OH NO! Twice is bad!!! I remember, my son's dad telling me that he couldn't be in the room for our son's circumcism because he didn't want our son to associate HIM with pain!! But it was ok for ME???? He never wanted to go get his shots with me either. He's a bad word now anyway, so I'm still glad I was the one comforting our son all along those bad shot days.

  5. That is one of the worst parenting duties. My wife can't handle it, so I'm always the one who holds the boys. I always tell them it's better than getting the plague...


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