Friday, February 13, 2009

Mommy Moments #5

Mommy Moments #5

Love Letters

mommy moments

A love letter for my daughters.

Dear Star and Luna,

It is only the beginning of our journey together, and in this short time, I have truly found the meaning of unconditional love. As you will soon come to notice, if you haven't already mommy is just a little different than the other mommies, and because of that, your love letter will be different too. Instead of getting all mushy on WHY I love you... (WE know why, because you guys ROCK!!!) Mommy will just tell you all the things she loves about you, in no particular order. Now, remember you guys are only one, and I just know this list will grow infinitely throughout the years, because I cannot help BUT to love all that is you. So, here goes...

Your eyes, your smile, the crinkle in your nose when you laugh, how you squint your eyes when you first see my face in the morning, the way you smell, your hair, your laughter, it sometimes makes me cry, the way you play with your shadows, the silly names you guys have for things, the way you dance, the way you sing, how you both go running to the tub at the sound of running water, your hugs, your kisses, your tenderness, your stubbornness, the way you giggle with each other when you guys are a little too tired, your playfulness, the way you call me mama, your patience, and so much more, but most of all... Mommy loves the fact that you are mine, and I Love YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. so cool :) awesome post :)

    thanks for sharing!

  2. What a sweet love letter for your kids :) makes butterflies in my stomach:x


  3. What a wonderful letter for your girls. Valentine's Day takes on a whole new meaning when you have kids, doesn't it?

  4. that's sweet!
    it must be different to raise up twins. just wondering...coz my hubby has a twin bro :)

  5. Cute list...and I'm sure this list will be a lot longer in a short time. We mommies can always find a million reasons to love our kids.


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