Monday, February 2, 2009

Manic Monday #8

Have you ever played I never? Well Manic Monday is a Virtual version of I never...

What you have to do to play is:

I will pose a question beginning with I never....
If you've never done it .....
  1. Add yourself to Mr Linky, so others can come go visit.. (including me)
  2. Post your own question on your blog...
  3. Come back next Monday.
If you've done it....

  1. Add yourself to Mr. Linky, so others can come visit.. (including me)
  2. Post your own question on your bog.
  3. share your story in a comment
  4. come back next Monday

Here we go..'

I've never... Hitchhiked

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  1. Well, I have...sort of. I was on my way to my sister's house to pick up the cell phone that I had left there. It was dark, night time. My car broke down. I was a couple of miles from the nearest exit on the freeway.

    I started walking. Thankfully a man stopped who happened to know my family somewhere down the lie.

  2. I've never hitchhiked either. It seems appealing--you and the open road, yadda yadda--but then reality sets in.

  3. I hitchhiked in Ireland, when a guy picked me up for a date and said, "we're going to 'tum it'" (which means Thumb it, but those irish folks don't pronounce th sounds.) It was a crazy date, to say the least.


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