Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's all in my head!

I would like to apologize for being as they say pretty absent from the blogging. I would love to just blame mommy hood, I have been extremely overwhelmed with the girls these days. Remember, DH is deployed, and I'm out numbered. I guess I'm still adjusting to this new stage the girls are in. I still haven't quite gotten the new routine down (you can say their new found mobility is kicking me in the rear). Unfortunately that's only part of the reason. I actually blog all day. In my head!!! So does that happen to anyone else? I can see something, anything, and the entire scenario suddenly becomes a terrific post. I even title it and everything, when evening comes, I swear I've typed it all in, and go to bed. The next morning, I awake, and realize... OH CRAP!!! I blogged, and posted in my head... Do you think I can market that? My own little bloggy world hmmmmm in my mind. Wait, don't pull out the straitjackets yet...
Unfortunately, I've noticed many people unsubscribe and I apologize, I really would love to keep writing all day... I enjoy sharing, ( shoot I thought I was) I will try and make some extra time for you all... I know I enjoy reading your stories... HEY that must be it... I'll stop reading so much, so I can write... HEHEH Who am I kidding, I'm addicted.. You guys keep me sane (If I keep telling myself that, it must be true)

...So, If you really want the REAL Mommying On The Fly, you'll have to subscribe to my mind, just click on the button to the right, and I will telepathically be sending you my wonderful brain waves.... JJJEEEESSSSHHHHH!!!!!! I'm sorry to admit, I may just be losing it.

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