Monday, February 16, 2009

Can we communicate?

This really burns my buttons. If you know your child is sick, why , why, why do you allow other children around them without at least warning the parents... I swear, we should put them in special colored sweaters to warn everyone to stay away... lol..

Well, if you're wondering what has provoked this? Friday evening my mother asks me to drop the girls off for a little while, and I did... When I go to pick them up she tells me my nephew is really sick with a fever. Now, COME ON!!! if you KNOW the child is sick, why do you ask me to drop them of...

Guess what? Now I have not one, but two sick toddlers... AAAARRRRGGGHHHH... and yes, I stayed home all day yesterday and today, and even cancelled an appointment I had for a gentleman to come and measure my windows... I gave him the choice, and told him the girls were sick, and I'd hate for him to take this home to his children... well, he thanked me and we rescheduled. I take this very seriously.. I HATE when they're sick, and it's inevitable that they will both get sick, and me shortly after, and I don't have the luxury of pampering a cold. I still have to get up and do it ALL... so, folks, if your kiddos are ill, or you are, please be kind and keep that shit to yourself.


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  1. I hope that your children are well now! take care.

  2. I have a sick toddler at home too. It's been a long week for us. Hope you guys are all feeling better soon.

  3. I hope everyone is feeling better! I agree that if one child has a fever then they should stay away from other children.


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