Sunday, January 18, 2009

Underestimated it AGAIN

OK, so I thought i had it all under control.. Thought shoot, this would be no problem.. Boy, was I wrong... I wanted to FINALLY add the grab button option to my web (for those of you who've asked for it... I'm sorry I tried), and am throwing in the towel.. For those of you who'd like to see it on your screen, i guess I'm gonna have to start handing out stickers and you can stick it to your moitor..

It kicked my ass today.. I'm no code writing genius, but no matter how many steps I read. loooked up and tried.. I kept seeing the badge in the scroll box..

Well, I don't have anymore time to mess with it.. Maybe in another year, I'll get the courage to try again..
Til then... HTML challenged Lisa C. signing out....

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  1. hi lisa try this one.. the steps is so easy.. i bet you'll get is this time.. here's the link please do let me know if it worked for you.. goodluck!

  2. I keep trying to figure out how to add my badge with the html to my side bar too. I can't figure it out either. How do all these people do it?


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