Thursday, January 1, 2009


I guess a new year can mean a fresh start to some, but to me? Just another day, and the frustration of having to remember to put 09 instead of 08 on every freakin' thing... I was grateful however to receive a phone call yesterday afternoon from my husband. He stayed up till midnight (his time) to wish us a happy new year.

I am happy to announce that I did manage to stay up past midnight last night though, a great accomplishment might I add since having the girls..

Well, I can't take full credit for that, in all honesty I was getting ready for bed around nine, when my mom showed up with my niece an nephew, and I actually welcomed the company. We watched a movie, laughed, and before you knew it, the ball was falling and the countdown had begun. At midnight we all gave each other hugs, and before you knew it, the house was empty again and it was just me and the girls. I couldn't help but wonder how much New Years is like sex. They build you up, all that hype... all that anticipation, you even get dolled up and pretty (not me, I was in jammies..)... More anticipation, Promises of a good time you'll never forget... Then the count down begins, you get all excited.. 3-2-1 you scream, you cry, hugs, kisses... you sometimes see fireworks... and before you know it, it's over... all you're left with is a faint memory of what happened and one hell of a mess.... Yeah, kinda like sex..

Well, I guess this is a sure fire sign I'm getting old or maybe being without my husband is making me a bitter hag.. lol.

But I do hope you all had a wonderful and safe end to the previous year. Here's wishing us all a happy, safe, healthy, and prosperous year to come, and hoping we all got a little wiser. (I need a second helping of the happy part I think... so if anyone has a little to spare, send it my way... lol)

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