Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm Appauled.

I found out a few days ago that my cousin passed away. I am so upset right now, I can hardly find the words. I wasn't going to even write about it, but I have to get it out somehow.

Now, most of my family lives in the Dominican Republic, and despite all the wonderful resorts, and abundant tourist charisma, it is still third world country.

Now, with that said...

My Aunt, I believe is in her late 40's and my uncle is definitely in his 50's, and they were expecting baby number 3. A few days after Christmas, we found out my aunt had gone into labor, and we were ecstatic. We hadn't heard back from them, and it had been a few day, so we decided to call. Come to find out, the baby had been stillborn. But, by some miracle, on it's way to the morgue, the nurse noticed him breathing and they rushed the baby back to the hospital. My aunt goes on to explain to my mom that the baby seems to be having a little bit of a breathing problem but everything seems to be OK.

Two days later, we receive the news, that the baby has passed away. WHAT? How is this possible? What happened?

Brace yourselves, this is where is get really f**ked up, and you'll excuse my french...

The baby had to be placed on a monitor and some type of breathing apparatus, to assist it in breathing... BUT... the hospital wouldn't do that UNTIL the parents paid for the approximate cost upfront... WHAT? so, on New Year's Eve, while most of my family gathered for a gigantic feast and partied, and said their good byes to 2008, my uncle and his wife said their good byes to their baby boy.

I can not believe that any medical professional, wait any human being, could just stand by and let another human being die, (knowing you have the resources to keep them alive at your finger tips) because of money. And my uncle... COME ON!!!! Why not ask? My mom said because of pride.. F***K pride... one of my daughters is on the brink of death, and I have to streak naked through the streets of Vegas proclaiming to be the daughter of a Harpy, and I'd do it... WTF..

So many things I take for granted in my country, so many things my husband and so many of our friends fight for and die for, and we take for granted in this country... I don't really know what makes me angrier, the fact that that's the law there, or the fact that my uncle never asked for help. I can't stop thinking about my Aunt, and what she must be going through. My mom said something the other day like and I bet they had already started loving it. WHAT? Of course, I think 4 days after you find out your pregnant (allowing 4 days for the shock factor to dissolve and reality to sink in) you start loving the baby... I can not even imagine...

I can't stop crying... My heart goes out to her, and I know there aren't any words that can make the pain go away now... But my prayers are with them...

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  1. i feel for you Lisa :c my niece had that kind of thing in the hospital cousin was asking for oxygen but the nurses won't budge because they had to ask for the doctors orders.I also do know that some guys also can't really swallow their pride that is why we are so different from them. I know how mothers feel because am a mother too... my deepest sympathy the Lord comfort you and your aunt too.

  2. How Tragic, I can't even comprehend how a Doctor or Hospital can be like that. Where is there oath to save Human Life?
    You should report this to
    Take Care,

  3. That is sad!


  4. Oh, how sad. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Huge hugs and massive amounts of prayers for you and your family. What a horrible tragedy. My jaw is still on the floor. I just cannot believe they ALLOWED that little one to pass away. :( I am so sorry!

  6. OMG! I can't believe this! I am so sorry, I will pray for your family!

  7. How very tragic. I am so very sorry for your familys loss.

  8. **tears** so sad, so very sorry!


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