Friday, January 9, 2009

1,2, Buckle my shoe

Recently I had the privilege to receive two pairs of Stride Rite shoes.
Stride Rite
Stride Rite has been designing shoes for tiny feet for over 85 years, and they have definitely been doing something right. Experience has lead them to their 3-point testing, because they understand that kids aren't as kind to their shoes as we are... They also have so many different styles to choose from, sandals, boots, sneaker and shoes for both girls and boys of all ages. They even have a line specifically designed for our novice walkers called NMS or Natural Motion System. Sometime I think I need a pair of these... Do you think they'd hook me up with a size 11?

You're right, probably not. Just so you know, my first impression was of course how incredibly cute they were, then we tried them on. They were easy to put on, a total plus when you've got 4 little feet to tend to, and they stayed on. Let me tell you, keeping shoes on Star and Luna is a job that's sometime nearly impossible. My girls are, well let's just say into everything, to put it mildly. I am actually entertaining the idea of matching straitjackets to keep them from pulling their shoes and socks off…
NMS Gabby
These shoes were incredibly comfortable, the soles were tough and seem durable, and the shoe itself is flexible, perfect for their little feet. Another thing I absolutely love about them is that I don't have to try and imagine what the shoes really look like or feel like, and take my chances on receiving something less than desirable through the mail. Stride Rite not only accepts orders online, but they have several stores nationwide. We actually took a trip to the local mall to pick up some sneakers for the girls last weekend.

Can I just say, I love them.

Stride Rite Rocks.. This mommy approves, and they are not only practical and cute, but Kid tested and kid tough.

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  1. so cool that you got some. They're great shoes. I hope it stays longer on her feet :)



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