Saturday, December 13, 2008

Perfect Imbalance

Just when I was starting to loose faith...

First I mention how I NEED to change my ways and become more balanced and have less hate... Then I get plummeted and bombarded with negativity... Doesn't make sense, as soon as I try to stop radiating anger and hate, I become a magnet for negative, vile joojoo....

Then, Last night I posted that I'm reneging on my proclamations.. to Hell with being nice, I'd rather poison myself from the inside out, than attract the stuff... lol.. No more balancing myself out, because it's causing an Imbalance...

Well, I'm laughing out loud, because not even 15 minutes after I sent out the news of the return of my wonderful, mean, hateful, angry self..... I receive an e-mail from Amy @ Thoughts From The Mrs.

And it's over... I WON!!! OK, so it's not the lottery.. Though I like the way you think Lori... (commented on my previous post that all this negative vibes can only mean I may just win the lottery, from your keyboard to Gods ears Lori...)

But just as good... (OK, again with the exaggerations, But it's cool OK)

I won me a pair of Polliwalks...

Having a hard time choosing... Plus now I've got to hunt down a second pair... Must be the OCD, but I can't let Luna or Star win something and not provide something equal for the other.. :) Good mommy or psycho Mom? Either way.. That's ME!!


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  1. Congrats...and what the heck is a polliwalk????...I'll have to go check it out....In yo face...stupid Police bout them apples

  2. Those shoes are so cute! Do you think it would be wrong if they made them in adult sizes? And we wore them? Yeah, probably.

  3. Winning is fun - congratulations. They look cool.


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