Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'll just change the name of my blog...

Karma is a B***h. I must have been sending out some serious venomous joojoo into the universe, because I'm not liking what I'm reaping. I'm a firm believer that what goes around comes around, but I must admit, I've hit a laps in memory, because I honestly don't WHO I've pissed off so much that all this negative juice if flung my way.
If you follow my blog, you even know that I was willing to change, and be a little more balance... It's all right here. HEY, maybe that's it. Me balancing out has caused an imbalance... HECK, I give up... Even if I try, I'm doomed to get screwed... Hey, I'm just going to change the name of my blog to that... Doomed to get Screwed... On second thought I'd probably get a ton of pervs thinking it's a dominatrix sight or something... that'd be my luck..

And if you're wondering why I'm on this path of self pity again.....

Last night I was on my way home after 6 bleeping hours of waiting in an emergency room with my daughters (nothing serious just that our wonderful military hospital can't accommodate them together in a timely manner, and I'm not waiting 2 months to have them seen for a problem that's occurring right NOW). On the ride home (which is easily 45 minute with NO traffic, and there's ALWAYS traffic) the girls are cranky, and I was cranky but glad to finally be out of there and on our way home, and there's a cop car and some poor schmuck that had the misfortune of being pulled over. I tried to merge onto the left lane to give them space, but the driver to my left decided to be courteous enough to accelerate. Nice drivers we have here, and needless to say, I couldn't move over and reduced my speed instead. No biggie right? They were OFF the road itself, and no one was out of the car. Besides, try driving with two toddlers screaming bloody murder, not easy, not fun, not sane..... Almost home. About 3 blocks away from my house there's flashing red and blue... ARE YOU KIDDING ME...
Yup, this loser, was fuming... He was SOOOOO mad, he was stuttering and spitting all over me... ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I KNOW I wasn't speeding. He asks me if I know why He pulled me over (is that standard? Would it make a difference if you got the answer right? Yes officer, you're a total penis head, small minded man, who probably can't get it up, and decide to hide behind that shiny pretty badge for respect. DING DING DING DING DING... Correct here's an extra 300 point on your license Lisa).. In my dreams.. Anyhow, back to my story, well the troll tells me that I passed him while he had another car pulled over. YEAH? SO? I explained that I made every intention to merge left, and he exclaimed that I had enough space. Am I wrong, or isn't that a matter of opinion. If I didn't feel like slamming the brakes to move out of the way of a vehicle that wasn't in the way to begin with, I shouldn't have to. The roads were wet, I had a car next to me, and one behind me... (Why didn't He harass that car?) If I didn't feel it was safe to do so, then I DIDN'T have enough room to merge. then he tells me I passed him at 55mph... I tell him, the speed limit is 50. He screams, and jumps up and down( OK. there, I'm exaggerating, but only a little) and yells, that's still speeding. Whatever...anyhow, the troll gave me a ticket. I have to go to court... That's 2 tickets in a week... (I hope the bridge he lives under falls on him, or the river floods and he drowns) Are you kidding me? Aren't there criminals to go after anymore? LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. what was the other ticket? i just got a ticket for 30 mph over so i know how u feel. my jack butt cop told the only reason i should not be speeding is because i have two little beautiful girls in the car with me. i just wanted to taze him.

  2. lol.. my first ticket was speeding i was going 5 over... I think it's the license plate.. lol.. i'm gonna change it to FKCOPS...

  3. Ok, wow. You are a magnet! And always with the kiddies! If things come full circle, then you ought to win the lottery or something for the misery of your past month.

  4. I feel for you.. really I do :)
    It is an aweful power trip these officers have. You have no rights, you obviously did "whatever" they say you did... why... because they said so... and they have a shiney thing pinned to their chest to prove them right. Worse of all... it is an entire system of "you are wrong - we are right"... because now... you have two choices.... pay whatever fine he slapped on you for doing what you didn't do (your buying his christmas bonus this year) or you can go to court to plea it... in which case, the prosecuter will tell you "exactly" what you did wrong (like he was there to begin with) you go before the judge who now makes you say "under oath" that this new offense is what really happened and you admit to it... and they hit you with a different fee and court costs (the judge and prosecutors christmas bonus).....

    Lesson we teach our children. Even if it wasn't you, just say it was and take the punishment, lie on command so you get a smaller punishment, and everyone will be happy (except you)

  5. I'm right there with you on the military hospitals...they are enough to drive you absolutely freaking nuts...compound that with the officer poop for brains...and i can imagine how you must feel...I hope tomorrow is a better day....

  6. Gosh that is damn unfair.
    I just don't know what to say ...the buzzard !


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