Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Crafty Countdown 1

Crafty Countdown
1 Days till Christmas
Beaded Ornaments

Courtesy of Martha Stewart

A large, sparkling monogram is a great way to personalize a present. Tied here with ribbons, the letters are easily transformed into ornaments.

Tools and Materials

Letters template can be found here..

20-gauge wire (18 inches per ornament)
Seed beads
Round-nosed pliars

Beaded Letters How-To

1. Choose a letter template or use another font. Enlarge or reduce template to desired size on a photocopier.

2. Cut 20-gauge wire to size; 18 inches is generally a good starting length. Make a loop at one end with round-nosed pliers. Transfer seed beads to wire, leaving 3 inches of wire unbeaded (to allow for sharp turns in the shape), and loop the wire at the other end.

3. Following template, shape the beaded wire. Cut off excess wire at one end, leaving about 1/2 to 3/4 inch exposed wire, and loop it with pliers. For two-piece letters, attach pieces with 30-gauge wire, as shown. Shape 20-gauge wire into a hook.

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