Monday, December 15, 2008

Award Time

Looky here.. looks like I whined enough, and someone got sick of it and gave me an award.. hahaha..

Thank you Joey.

Joey @ Bloggin Mama handed me this award, and to tell you the truth... It made me smile, so, I must follow the rules and pass along a little friendliness..

The Qualifications are:

  1. Display a cheerful attitude

  2. Love one another

  3. Make mistakes

  4. Learn from others

  5. Be a positive contributor to the blog world

  6. Love life

  7. Love kids.

The rules for the Smile Award are:

  1. Please link back (check told you it came from Joey)

  2. Post the rules (check)

  3. Choose 5 people to give it to (that's hard, but check)

  4. Recipients must fill the characteristics above (Check)

  5. Create a post to share this (this is it baby check)

  6. Thank the winners. (Thank you, Thank you Thank you check)

Not toooo hard right? and I Know sooo many Great and deserving blog... Doesn’t seem to hard, right? It isn't except picking JUST 5 deserving individuals... I LOVE to read sooo many of your blogs, and so many of you I believe fit these categories, so, with out further ado, If you've been mentioned, congratulations and I hope you pass it on to deserving Bloggy friends, and if you haven't know that I thought of you and between you and me, we know YOU'RE AWESOME...

  1. At Home in The Ozarks
  2. Is 8 Enough?
  3. Jiggety Jigg
  4. Blue Monkey Butt
  5. Hip 2 Be Mom

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  1. Hey there and thanks for the award! It may be a few days before Stacy can display a cheerful attitude, with the power outage and all that.

    Thanks again,



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