Tuesday, December 9, 2008


OK, so I haven't really been doing my due diligence as far as coming to blog about my life lately...
and quite frankly, I've been going through a few rough patches... Mainly my daughters have been sick and that has consumed most of my time, and I am not one to compromise their time for ANYTHING.

But today? Today it's all about me... I am so angry right now, that if I do not find an outlet, I may just burst. So, let me apologize ahead of time.... hahaha..

I am angry mostly with myself, for letting certain things get to me. Angry that I have such a short fuse, angry that I am so judgemental, angry that I'm angry.
I really should know better, I should learn to have a thicker skin and let this kind of stuff roll off.... I should learn to follow my own advise, and remember that if you have no expectations of the people around you, you have no disappointments...

So, I'm pleased to say, I am turning a new leaf, I'm on a mission to try and change... To learn to stop judging, to learn to be more patient, to stop and enjoy my daughters, and my life for what it is. I need to stop wasting my time and their time being bitter. Forget them ALL... Learn to forgive... Wait... that's a big one... I don't think I'm ready for that one yet... maybe in another 30 years... lol.. (Those that know me, know THAT'S a TALL order... hahaha)

So, I'm gonna let it go (try to let it go completely) and smile today....

No it's not a New Year's Resolution... lol.. I can NEVER keep those and I don't want to wait till the First on January, I need this NOW......

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  1. Good luck with that! Sometimes it helps to vent. I just posted a pissed off rant and frankly it felt pretty good. Anger can be motivating. And it's better than feeling sorry for yourself.

  2. And I love that your Blog of the Day is "Give Thanks Every Day".

  3. Best of luck...I have been trying to do the same. Just letting that stuff go and focusing on my family. Like you I am not exactly ready (or able) to forgive, but I can let go!

  4. I hear ya. I have too many days like that. It is nice though every once in awhile to stop and think, "hey, this isn't worth it" and move on. We can't let others get the best of us. They don't own us.

  5. Good luck! Sometimes a good vent is all you need.

  6. I am sure i speak for most of the ladies here when i say, we are behind you... kind of a virtual support team :)

    venting is a good thing!

  7. You're blog is great... stop by mine to pick up an award...

  8. Thank you all for the encouraging words and all the support… you guys are right sometimes all you need is a little vent... and reading it once it's out, its like it no longer belonged to me… jajajaja,,,


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