Friday, November 14, 2008

Pregnant Man?

This morning I was cruising through some blogs and doing a few drops, when something caught my eye. Glue 4 Families has a very interesting post about a pregnant man. Of course, the line was cast, and I was snagged. Seems that a transgender Man, Thomas Beatie, has given birth to a baby girl earlier this year and is pregnant again with their second child. The full story can be read on ABC News or watched on 20/20 tonight.

This news seems to be causing quite a stir everywhere... Who's the mother? Who's the father? Thomas clearly states that he considers himself their father and Nancy, his wife, their mother. They seem upset because the birth certificate stated Thomas as the mother at first, but has since been changed to both of them listed as parents. Just like they do with same sex unions.

Honestly, I believe a little patience should be considered. How can anyone expect this to go perfectly, I mean this whole thing has to be trial and error right? I'm sure men don't walk into hospitals all the time to give birth.

I will definitely be watching that show his evening, I'd love to formulate an opinion on this, but my thoughts are scattered all over. As a woman, who struggled to get pregnant, I'm happy for him, that he experienced the miracle of life. As a mother, I cringe at the thought of having my daughters ask me about the bird and the bees, but having to explain why daddy's get pregnant too? ( I know, I've already donned the ignorant badge)... But, it's not for me to judge.

so, any opinions? Take a trip to Glue 4 Families it's a good read, and if you watch the show, I'd love to hear what YOU think.

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  1. Lisa, I'm glad you're continuing this discussion on your blog today.

    Barbara Walters made a good point--once upon a time, people didn't accept homosexual people. We had homophobia and gay-bashing (not that it's completely eradicated, but it's less the norm now, I think)...and now we have open our minds to the possibility of children having two parents of the same sex...and more. I think it's great to at least DISCUSS these things. This can help keep hate out of our hearts and minds and people can learn to love all people no matter what they think of others' lifestyle choices.


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