Friday, November 14, 2008

Lesson Learned.

So, another year of life has gone by and it's another year I am grateful for. In Honor of turning 36, I'm gonna list 36 lessons learned this year.

  1. Assign someone to take pictures for you when you throw a birthday party for your kids.
  2. It's OK if the house isn't in perfect order all the time.
  3. You can't keep kids 100% clean all of the time.
  4. Being a mom is harder than it looks.
  5. Never say never.
  6. Time becomes more manageable with multiples, if you do everything at the same time and not one by one.
  7. Things do not get easier with time, just different.
  8. It's not true when you say you can imagine what it's like to give birth. There are no words to describe it, so there is no way to IMAGINE it.
  9. A baby's first cry is the sweetest sound ever.
  10. Babies DO smell good.
  11. Gallstones hurt.
  12. Unconditional love DOES exist.
  13. I can survive on 1/2 hour of sleep a night.
  14. Babies don't die from crying.
  15. It DOES go by fast.
  16. We can survive on one paycheck.
  17. America has faith in an African American President.
  18. On a toddler's birthday, cut the cake and take pictures early.
  19. It's not easy to face paint a child's face for halloween.
  20. You can't count on anyone but yourself.
  21. Not everyone thinks like you.
  22. Man 36 is alot (i just figurd that out).
  23. Take time to smell the roses.
  24. Everyone has an opionion, have patience, they'll go away.
  25. Kids toys will stop making noise if you just take the batteries out.
  26. Toddlers won't notice, the batteries are out.
  27. My mom is perfect.
  28. Kids have super human energy.
  29. If you have two or more, you can power a small city (with the energy).
  30. Blogging is therapeutic.
  31. The human body can withstand A LOT.
  32. Military deployments are a lot harder as a parent than as a wife or active duty member.
  33. My husband is a softy.
  34. I can drive without music.
  35. Diapers are expensive.
  36. 36 feels a lot like 35.

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