Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Swear!!!

I Must say today has got to be one of the MOST frustrating day I've had EVER.

The girls have been sick for close to three weeks now.  Between Fevers, Diarrhea, vomiting and sleepless nights, I'm about to explode.  If things couldn't get any worse, we're just about out of diapers.  So, even though the girls are ill, and the day is rainy, I decided I had no choice but to venture out to buy diapers.  
Here I am, just running in and out, and I'm so excited the girls are doing fine, and this is where my luck runs out.  First off, Luna is missing her shoes and 1 sock (How could I not have noticed sooner).  I think to myself it should be fine, just pay and then go back for a search and recover mission.  Beep Beep Beep, OK, Lady, can you go any slower?  Here we go, Luna starts wailing... Against my better judgement, I pick her up out of the cart.. As expected, as if on cue, Star starts fussing to.  Heck, did I really expect any different??????.. NAAAHHHH!!!

And as if I'm not stressing enough?  My card gets declined... I know I have money on it.. COME ON!!!!  The cashier runs off to call it in.. Whatever that means.. OK... Two screaming kids... COME ON!!!!  I try another card, it's not the first time, since my husband is deployed, they keep seeing those charges as possible fraud.  I guess I should be happy they're looking out for me, but this is not the time for my cards to be frozen... 

 5 dirty looks, 4 phone calls, 3 visa cards, 2 screaming babes, 1 frustrated mama....

Now, I find myself crying to my car, kids are still crying, now I think they're feeding off of me.  

After I have them buckled in... SHIT!! The sock and shoe... I know you may think it's not worth it, but my OCD... I foresee sleepless nights if i go home with 3 shoes and 3 sock.. so, I put my babies back in the carts and trail them back through the store... yup.. the bad, poor, crazy mommy parade.. keep staring... What do you know, and who the F are you to judge...

Someone finally tells me she found them and sent them to customer service... Off we go.. YUP they've started screaming again.. and as I'm in line to talk to someone at Customer service, I can see the items... I start waving the matching items, to see if someone can get a clue.... They see me, I KNOW they hear us.. Finally, I get my stuff, and back to the car.. I turn on the DVD, and they calm down, but I'm still a mess.  I mean I guess I had been holding A LOT in for a while now.. 

And my icing on the cake?  

I get pulled over for doing 40 in a 35 mph zone.. WTF...  and after seeing my screaming twins, my tear ridden face, the SOB still gave me the citation... and his consolation?  He "put my court date out", so that I may enjoy my holidays... Put it out?  I'll tell you where to PUT it... 
Shove it up your ASS!!!

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  1. That just sounds like an awful week and day!! That cop is a jerk. I hope he has quads one day just to gain some empathy for moms!! ;-)

    Here's hoping December is much better for you than November has been!

  2. How awful! I hope the girls are at least getting better. I know that now is probably so not the time for advice, especially when all you want to do is vent but I was just told about this and it worked for my son.

    So he's been congested and having diarrhea lately because of a cold and cutting teeth so he's had excess drool and mucus which he swallows leading to looser stools. A friend of mine told me to put a pillow under the mattress at the head. It helped with drainage for him and he slept better.

    I hope that the holidays can make up for this crummy time!

  3. While I'm reading this at 5:00 am, I have this urge to make a fresh Mojito and send it your way!!

    Hope today is a much better day for you.

  4. Oh man.....those kind of days just plain old suck! (Me, having one today...ughhh!)

    I hope it gets better for ya!!!

  5. I can so totally relate. I know exactly how you're feeling but hey, I'm done feeling lousy after my horrid day and I hope you are feeling better too :)


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