Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dr. Who?

I think I've spent more time in a hospital than out these last two months, and hopefully today will be the last time for a long time...

It started out in early October, when I got a pedicure gone bad and went in with an infected toe nail. It was obviously infected, but the doctor insisted that some warm water soaks with Epsom salt would do the trick. What trick was that? the vanishing act? Because a few weeks later, they had to remove my toe nail... (don't get me started I'm still upset).
Soon after I noticed Luna had a little infection starting on HER big toe, not wanting to procrastinate and have the same thing happen to her, I rushed her to see a doctor. I rushed to take her in, but they didn't rush to see her, as it took us 4 hours to be seen and YES, we had an appointment. I can't complain too too much, because it was a God send I went. Turns out, both girls had ear infections, Luna had a toe infection and Star had a staff infection... WHAT!! OK, 5 hours later and a shopping bag of drugs, at least we're done with that.
Now, I start getting abdominal pain and end up going to the ER at least twice before they diagnose me with Gallstones. They don't seem to be very worried, and say it's common, so, of course I don't put too much weight on it either. Just wait the month's not over yet.. By the third trip to the ER because the pain is unbearable, I end up getting admitted for surgery.
Just when you think it's over we have all those follow ups.
And finally October is over.
November should be better, right? The girls will turn 1 on the 6th, my birthday on the 8th, my husband on the 17th and our anniversary on the 18th... Yup it's busy, but happy busy right?
The girls start getting a little sick right after Halloween, fevers, fevers, and more fevers. I should be thankful that in their first year, this is the only time I've had to deal with fevers and them getting sick, but that doesn't do much for my uneasiness. After 4-5 days of my vigilant watch, debates on whether to take them to the ER or not, and sleepless nights, they finally seem to be pulling out of it and just in time for their 12 month well baby appointment. Thank God everything went well, till the vaccinations.
I hate getting them vaccinated. 4 shots each, 2 in each leg, and that ever feared look that pierces my heart and lingers for months that says "Mommy, you're a traitor!!! How could you smile and make me laugh when all the while you KNEW he was going to hurt me, you KNEW!!!" (times two) But, we surpassed that too.. and today was my followup from the surgery... No more follow-ups, no more appointments, and hopefully no more hospitals for at least 6 months...

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  1. Oh my have had quite a time....glad you are doing better....and that the girls are better....and vaccinations suck too...because you never know if they'll get sick again...from that...well...I'll keep thinking good thoughts that the worst is over for you....and I'm sorry to hear about your nightmare pedicure...always makes me worry when I I think i've made the decision...I'll just do it myself...

  2. Have lots of Infant Tylenol on hand! I hope that you guys can celebrate the rest of the month (since you're so busy with that, too) in peace!


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