Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's just a little white lie.

I know the girls are still young, and I know the never ending inquisitive questions won't be tickling my ears for a few years now. I mean, their vocabulary doesn't extend past mama, Dada, baba, and Nana... lol..

I still can't help but to wonder just how I'm going to handle some of them. There are so many different opinions out there. I remember asking my mom the infamous, "Where do babies come from?" Being the eldest of four, there were plenty of opportunities for me to wonder, if you know what I mean, but I can still remember what she told me. She exclaimed that my father would draw us as babies on her belly, and the we'd grow, like flowers. Do you know that I was content with that answer forever. Can't really pin point if I believed it, or just lost interest, but I stopped inquiring. I guess I was very content with whatever they told me, and my mom states I was extremely inquisitive. Well, I came across a web site called Wondertime and they have a very interesting article on just this very subject. I'm not 100% on one side of the other when it comes to telling it all or sugar coating it, I assume I'll have to take it all one question at a time, I mean hell, one child at a time too.. I guess I'm just afraid of opening a can of worms I can't close back up.. But, one thing I found to be an invaluable piece of information was that children are usually ready for the information when they ask it. I'd love to hear your thoughts, advice, stories.... Share!!!

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