Sunday, October 12, 2008

I wouldn't call it LUCK!

Yesterday, I noticed Luna had a little white spot on her big toe and it looked swollen... First thought was: Infection. I showed it my mom, of course, go with experience first, she said to do warm compresses and use a disinfectant.
Well, not too long ago the same thing happened to me, and the doctor felt I should just soak it and do warm compresses, she didn't want to put me on antibiotics. Can you guess what happened to my big toe? They had to remove my nail. Now you can see why I'm not to happy with letting it go.
I immediately called and got an appointment. I knew the girls hadn't eaten or taken their naps, but I truly felt this was a priority. I packed up a lunch to go, some bottles and headed for the ER. We must have waited 5 1/2 hours before they took us back to do her vitals and WAIT some more. These two were R-E-S-T-L-E-S-S (me too). All I kept thinking was, "All of this for a little blister on her toe, maybe I was wrong." Well, the doc took one look at it and said oooo it's infected, antibiotics. Oh yeah and she has an ear infection. WHAT? Thank God I came in right?
Now, as I was picking up her sister the doc notices a rash and says you need to have her seen. (well aren't you a doctor? Aren't you looking at her? What am I missing here?) She explained I had to go back out into the waiting room so they can walk me back into the SAME room. Alright silly doctor, I'll play your game. I was upset! Finally, after waiting yet another hour they take Star's vitals and walk us back into the same room. Déjà Vu? same doctor.. I explained to her that it's been 4 months of different doctors and different diagnosis for this rash. We've gone from eczema to ringworm back to eczema. This time around, the flavor of choice was something new, staff infection... WHAT? The punch line was when she explained to me that my daughter could have died from this had I not had her seen today. WHAT? Didn't any other doctor pick up on this? Oh yeah and she also has an ear infection too.
Looks like I've hit the Flippin jack pot people. and here I am 7 1/2 hours of ER time and a huge bag of meds, but so grateful for mother's intuition. Funny how letting the idea of going to see a doctor for that little toe just didn't feel right.

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