Saturday, October 11, 2008

Can I get one event at a time?

I could never have imagined how overwhelming it is to be a mother. I never thought of myself as selfish of self absorbed, but I really liked me time!!! It gets really crazy sometimes, and now I feel like everything is coming at the same time. I haven't even figured out what we're doing for Halloween and I have to start planning their first birthday which is the first week of November. WOW!! Talk about a ton of decisions.. Now I have to figure out if I want a big party or a small party, outfits, favors, and of course the cakes.. I'd like to do a low sugar version for the girls, but I definitely want them to dig in.. should i do two? one for each or 1 big one for them to share. I'm not even sure what a good alternative would be to all that sugar. What did you do for your child's first? What do you wish you HAD done?

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