Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Aware of the Tatas

I could not let this month go by without bringing to light that it is breast cancer awareness month. There is a wealth of information on the National Breat Cancer Awareness they can guide you to treatment centers near you, calendar of events, and new studies and findings. I encourage every one to seek knowledge and pass this knowledge on. Susan G Komen for the cure is now committed to immediate patient help with an unprecedented $100 Million. Did you know that breast cancer is one of the top 5 leading causes of death in women?

In light of the Halloween spirit, I'd like to invite every one to participate in decorating bra-athon. I'd like each of you to grab a bra and decorate it, it can reflect your personality, your feelings about breast cancer, your creative side, heck it can reflect anything. After you've decorated the heck out of that bra, I'd like you to post it in your site, blog about it and link back to me. and... DON'T forget to sign in w/Mr/ Linky, so I can keep track of how much to donate!!!! (Anyone bold enough to match it? Just let us know..)

For every Bra-athon participant we receive, I will donate $1.00 to Susan G Komen for the Cure!! So, come on ladies and gents (yup boys can play too... decorate your wife's bra, sister's girlfriend's yours, I don't care)...

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  1. That is a fabulous idea! I'm off to think...

  2. what a great idea. I will work on that this evening... now just got to think about how to decorate it :)

  3. I have also mentioned this on my blog, hope you don't mind, I've linked to this post.

  4. i love handicrafts and i want to be a part of this awareness to be of help too c:

  5. still thinking of my bra art c: update you when i posted it already c:


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