Saturday, September 20, 2008

The sale

Twice a year the mothers of multiples group throws a huge sale!!! It's a great opportunity to attain some spectacular priced second hand items. I had only been to one and racked up, and was excited about this one. Yesterday I volunteered with the set up, and had the opportunity to see what was going on, oh yeah and help. It allowed me to make a game plan for today, I mean It gave me the opportunity to give back.

I showed up nice and early this morning, and I'd have to say I left pretty pleased. Only 3 items that I wanted, someone beat me to them ( I guess I should have had a better game plan.) The selection was awesome, and you really can't beat the prices. I easily saved 85% off retail. What I really wanted that I didn't get were 2 car seats, since the girls will be forward facing in a few months and a stroller that can allow them to face each other. The stroller was never there, but I did have my eye on a set of car seats. Gone. I just think, that this was a sign, I have to get them new ones instead of second hand, there must be a reason. I just would rather have paid $100.00 for two and not $700.00. Isn't there some great car seat give away, where they can give away two... lol..

I'll just have to pray hard for cash this Christmas...

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