Saturday, September 6, 2008

Home Alone

Here it is, my friend has two young children ages 9 and 7. Her mother is the one who cares for her kids when she's not there. well, the other day her mom had to run out and left them home alone for a few hours, and my friend is livid. I know I'm pretty old school. My generation tends to have had a very old fashioned upbringing, in a different time than this. Things were much more innocent when i was growing up. I remember my mother having to leave us home alone, so she could go off and earn some bread and butter. I remember having to be responsible for my brothers and sister. I know time is just a four letter word when you're that age, it's all fuzzy, and the concept is off, but I believe I was around 8. I don't really know what to say, my girls are way too young for me to try and put myself in her shoes. Plus, it' her mother, she's in a sensitive position. Do you leave your children alone? What's the right age? Safe age? These are tough questions. Or better yet if you were in her position and your mother was the caregiver and left them home alone, would it bother you?

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