Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Harmful Glow?

It's funny, I have noticed that I have been getting less and less sleep lately. I'm also finding that i get up in the middle of the night only to throw a blanket over my TV receiver, because the light is too bright. I know you hear so many arguments that TV's shouldn't be in the bedroom in the first place, but I say Fuee!!! I didn't mind the cable box that had the time, I actually miss it. We switched over to DTV a few months ago and the glow is so so so bright. I was mentioning this to my mother this morning when a neighbor overheard and mentions Gadget glow. She says just Google it.. Well, I'm always up for a good Google. Turns out, all your little gadgets (your Internet router, cell phone, video recorder,cable modem, computer, laptop, game consoles, etc) all that good stuff we just can't seem to function without, can have a down side. Even your TV regardless if it's turned off or not.
Have you ever noticed when you turn the lights off, chances are your path is still lit? It seems that every single gadget we buy has little neon flashing lights on it. ... Turn the light off, and they shine like beacons. To be honest I did not put much weight into this or even notice just how true it is and how many little lights were invading my darkness till I read about it.
I warn you... You will now notice them to.
Now scientists have discovered that a light-sensitive layer of the eye, separate from the part that allows us to see, sends signals to the body that affect rhythms of wakefulness and sleep.
That layer is also more sensitive to blue light than to any other color, so it looks like these little gadgets are causing many of us to loose sleep. I guess I can stop blaming the twins... (since hubby's not here for me to blame the snoring)

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  1. I turned off all my lights. I counted 5 different devices. Now I'm sleepless and terribly annoyed.


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