Thursday, September 18, 2008

The confession.

This was funny, and I had to share. Not very kid friendly, but still clean.

Father forgive me for I have sinned
Tell me my child, what are your sins?
Father, the demon of temptation has taken over my sinning soul.
Why do you say such things my child?
It’s just that when I speak to a man I have sensations in my body that I can not describe.
But my child I am also a man.
Yes father I know, that is why I have come to confess these sins to you.
Well my child, describe these sensations to me then.
I don’t know how to explain them, for example, right now, my body is rejecting this kneeling position and I need to get more comfortable.
For real?
Yes, I need to relax and lay out.
My child, lay out how?
On my back on the floor father, until I’m released of all my tension.
And what else?
It’s like I have a suffering that has no cure.
And what else?
It’s like I’m awaiting a little heat to alleviate me.
Yes, heat father, human heat, to alleviate this situation.
And how often do you feel this tension?
Permanently father, for example right now I’m imagining your hands on my skin would offer much cure.
My child!
Yes father, forgive me, but I’m in need of someone strong, to hold me in his arms and offer me the relief I need.
For example me?
For example you, you are the type of man I imagine can cure me.
Forgive me child, but I need to know your age.
Seventy four father.
Child, go in peace, it is rheumatoid arthritis that ales you!!!

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