Monday, August 11, 2008

Why so Serious???

Holy IMAX Batman!!!

I finally caved and got a sitter. My mother and husband had an intervention and forced me out of the house. Honestly I did need a break, and some adult interaction. Well, mom stayed with the girls and hubby and I headed out to dinner and a movie. We opted for The Dark Knight, the new Batman movie. I really wanted to see this movie, and it has been getting a lot of hype lately. Let me tell you all the hype was well merited. I was told certain scenes were filmed with an IMAX camera (70mm instead of the usual 35mm film) and can only be seen in an IMAX theatre. We were really excited to do IMAX, and let me tell you, I would definitely do it again, it was incredible. Those scenes definitely made you feel like you were IN the movie. As far as the movie is concerned, I have very mixed feelings. I am a HUGE joker fan, and was very skeptical when I heard Heath Ledger was playing the part. I just couldn't imagine him as the Joker, and these things have influenced me on seeing many movies before. Well, I can't imagine anyone else could have done as good a job. I'd say the Joker stole the show. This movie was jam packed with well renowned actors, an entertaining plot, and some interesting twists which brought a familiar villain and a new one. I must admit, I laughed, I cried, and I left very satisfied. Can't wait for the next one. hehehehe.

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  1. My son saw it and loved it. I missed it but I rarely go to the movies with such a busy schedule but the real reason I am leaving you this post is because I saw the post you submitted on a blog giveaway for the $50 amazon GC well I about fell out of my chair laughing. What a great come back about changing the battiers are a b@#&@h lol lol Keep up the great sense of humor and come backs~! Random or not if it was my giveaway I would of gave it to you just for the great laugh I got out of your post so good luck and I hope you win~! I'm new at blogging and my site is boring so don't waste your time checking it out unless your looking for a great new hobby. I listed Geocaching on my site which is a new found fun hobby that I just started and the whole family loves it. Other than that I have not blogged much yet.


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