Friday, August 15, 2008

Support our Troops

When I was enlisted, I used to look forward to those boxes containing letters, pictures, cookies, and anything that reminded me of home. Now I'm a wife of an enlisted man, and find myself with the duty of sending him a piece of home while he's deployed, but not all of our troop members have someone back home to correspond with or receive packages from. There are a lot of lonely holidays out there. It's true the bond between comrades in arms is like no other, I can speak from experience, my bond was so great I married it, but sometimes you'd give anything for a taste of life as you knew it. I had a friend, that cried just at the sight of a honey bun, a honey bun. This man was 6'7" 300+lbs man, but he cried every time his mama sent him a package because she remembered how much he loved those darn sugary treats. Not to mention, this also boosts morale, and we all know we have a more effective military if there's good morale.
Well, my husband is still enlisted and he has always been very supportive of his team, and very conscious of their well being and morale. After the first few deployments he did after we returned from overseas, he vowed to not leave a single teammate unappreciated. Since then he has always sent me a list of those team members with little or no family and their addresses, both electronic and physical. I share these addresses with some friends who are teachers and the teachers of our niece and nephew and these wonderful people and the children of their classrooms send cards, letters pictures and packages to these young men and women. Last year the town hall got together and donated a ton of stuff that I shipped over to them, this was amazing. These things really show them we are behind them 100%.
We may not all support the war, but we should all support our troops. They don't pick and choose who they die or risk their lives for, they do it everyone, and nothing brings down the morale than to feel like you're doing it for nothing.

If you want to help here are a few sites each offering you a way to show your support.
Operation Gratitude -- They send care packages out to Troop members
Support Our troops -- Great site for info if you're looking for a specific way to support
America Supports You -- Offers great direction
Any Soldier -- Actually allows you to personally connect with a Member and see their messages.
Support Your Troops -- This site posts videos of troop members and of family and friends.

Show your support, because the troops and their family unselfishly support you.

**** If you want to send an e-mail or package to one of hubbies Team mates directly, just e-mail me privately and I'll give you the info ****

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